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  • Product Return Procedure
    We authorize and process returns for items purchased from SCANNER OVERSEAS.
    You must request a return authorization by completing the Customer Service Form on our site and by complying with our return procedure as spelled in this paragraph. SCANNER OVERSEAS will answer you with a Return Authorization Document that includes: (1) a Return Authorization Number valid for ten (10) days, 2) customer service policy that is product specific according to the reason for return and the manufacturerâ¬"s policy, and 3) The packaging requirements and documents that must accompany your return.

    If you received a return authorization number, we will arrange for a carrier to pick up the product from your address. You will receive an e-mail from us with the date the carrier has schedule to pick up the product from you.

    In the case a return can be avoided, SCANNER OVERSEAS will reply to your customer service form with options to (1) have your product repaired in your country, or (2) have your product replaced in your country. Some manufacturers have service centers in different countries. Having a product repaired or replaced in your country can be a fast and effective solution. We provide you with a list of service centers in your area if applicable. Product warranties are established by the respective manufacturers, not by SCANNER OVERSEAS.

  • How soon should a claim be submitted?
    We want to help you with customer service issues in every possible way, but as time passes it becomes more difficult to research errors. Claims should be submitted within seven days from the day you receive your order. Otherwise, claims investigations may take longer to resolve.

  • Return Packaging, Conditions and Documentation
    Do not label or mark in any way the manufacturer's boxes. Labels should be affixed to the exterior carton. Package all returns in the packaging in which you received our shipment or repack it properly to prevent damage in transit. We expect all non-defective products to arrive unopened, unused and in a condition to be resold as new. Items returned as non-saleable and received in a condition other than new will not be credited and will be returned to you at your expense.

    Print and attach the required documents (specified in the return authorization document) to the return; they are needed to clear U.S. Customs. If these documents are not sent with the return, the processing may be severely delayed, resulting in greater expense to you. Any additional expenses that result from your failure to follow our return instructions will reduce the amount that we will credit you.

  • Credit to my account
    If the manufacturer authorizes a credit, the credit memo will be issued for the current cost of product being returned less an adjustment for any missing components. If your account is current a refund may be processed or applied against future purchases. If your account is not current, any credit forthcoming will be automatically applied against the oldest open balance on your account. If you elect to receive a refund, in the case of a credit card purchase, the refund will be credited to the credit card account that was used for the purchase. In the case of all other forms of payment, the refund will be made through a company check that will be mailed to your billing address. Please allow three (3) business days from the date we receive the product for returns to be processed. When your return is processed, the item will be listed as "Credited" in your online Order Status. If you do not receive credit for your return within the time stated above, please trace your return shipment using the tracking number provided to you by the shipper when you shipped the package. If you do not hear from us within three (3) business days and the tracking information indicates that we have received the package, please notify us by e-mail so we can initiate an inquiry. Further exceptions or restrictions are at our discretion.

    Rescissions - We may rescind a credit if the manufacturer informs us that the productâ¬"s failure was not a result of their manufacturing process but as a result of misuse or mishandling by the user. Product warranties are established by the respective manufacturers, not by SCANNER OVERSEAS.

    We try to assist you with efficiently returning products that fail or donâ¬"t work properly, but only the manufacturer can make the decision on whether or not to accept or reject a return for credit or replacement, have it repaired in the US or within your country or neighboring country. In such cases the manufacturerâ¬"s decision is final.

    If a manufacturer or vendor refuses to credit a return, we will find out the alternatives and communicate them to you so you can let us know how you wish to proceed. You are free to communicate directly with the manufacturer and we will make the contact information and needed paperwork available to you.

  • Shipping costs for my return
    SCANNER OVERSEAS will pay freight charges resulting from over-shipments, under-shipment, defective product, wrong product sent to you, and demonstration product as long as you follow SCANNER OVERSEAS return process. If you ordered the wrong product by mistake you are responsible for freight charge on its return.


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