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  • Payment Terms

    Prepaid: Unless otherwise specified, ordering from Scanner Overseas requires a prepayment. For all prepaid orders, your funds must arrive at Scanner Overseas and clear before we ship your order.

    Open Account: Scanner Overseas offers up to Net 30 Day terms. If you wish to apply for open account terms, you must first complete, sign, and fax us our credit application which will be reviewed by our credit department.  Please contact to request a credit application.

    Open Account terms of sale may require the backing of an Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit in favor of Scanner Overseas, please contact to get more information. A letter of credit is a standard secured financing tool used in this industry. In the event your payment does not arrive within 5 days of the due date, we would issue a draft and draw against the Standby Letter of Credit.

  • Payment Methods
    We accept the following methods of payment.

    1. Cashier's Checks, Bank Checks
    2. Traveler's Checks
    3. Money Orders
    4. Personal Checks and Company Checks
    5. Wire Transfers
    6. Cash
    7. Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card and American Express)

  • Credit Card Acceptance Conditions
    You agree that by asking Scanner Overseas to accept payment by credit card, Scanner Overseas Customer Service Policy supercedes your ability and right to dispute a credit card charge.  You agree that you cannot dispute a credit card charge if either: (1) the corresponding order was placed under your Account Number, PIN Code, and Password; (2) the order was delivered to an address different than the one on your credit card provider's database.

    If you give your Account Number, PIN code and Password to another person, you are enabling access to your account and allowing that person to modify your account, including adding other shipping addresses, and place orders under your account using your default credit card information. You are responsible for the security of your Account Number, PIN code and Password and for any resulting purchases made under your account.

    If you have a dispute, please follow our Customer Service Policy. If after researching the particulars of your claim, we issue a credit, we will credit your credit card account accordingly.

  • When will my credit card be charged
    Your credit card will be charged after you enter and accept your order in our system.
  • I have a question regarding my charges
    Our invoice provides you with detail pricing by product, freight charges, and brokerage charges when applicable. You can print any invoice at any time. If you still have a question about our charges please e-mail us at
  • Does Scanner Overseas offer discounts
    Yes. We offer several methods of payment which reflect different costs to our company and different waiting periods until your payment becomes available to our firm. For this reason, as you change your method of payment to one that makes the funds available sooner, your pricing improves. Select different methods of payment on our checkout page and watch how your price changes.

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