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  • How to become a customer
    You have the option to open an account before you place an order, or you can do so at check out point. After completing the Customer Profile, our system will assign you an account number and send you an email with your login information.

  • How to view and edit my account information
    If you wish to view or edit your account information, go to My Account and make all the necessary changes. Only your account administrator has access to your account information.

  • How Scanner Overseas protects my account information
    Our site is operated on a Secure Server under VeriSign's Digital ID.
    VeriSign, Inc. is the world's leading Internet Certification Authority, the trusted third party that authenticates, issues, and manages digital certificates on the Internet. VeriSign's Digital IDsSM enable trusted electronic commerce by authenticating the individuals, organizations, and content involved in an electronic transaction.

  • What to do when I forget my password
    If you forget your password, go to log in and enter your email address in the space provided. We will send your login information via email.

  • How to give access to others to my account
    If you wish to give access to others to your account, go to My Account and then click on the "User Info" link and follow the instructions to add new user(s). It is your responsibility to manage the authorization of your users.

    Please note that new users have a unique "Pin Code" but share the "Account Number" and "Password" with you, the account administrator. New users can place orders under your account but they cannot make any changes to your default account information. It is your responsibilty to keep your Pin Code secret to avoid unauthorized changes to your account.

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Scanner Overseas of Puerto Rico, Inc.
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